Answer My Swinging Questionnaire

Hi there.. These answers can be as complete as you would like and all names, emails, etc. will be totally held confidential. I would like to use the questions and answers either here on the site or in my upcoming revised book on swinging, so submitting them will be giving me permission to do so. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!

To send me an answer, you can either make your comments at the bottom of this blog post or you can email me directly – email me….Honey

Answer as many of the questions as fully as you feel comfortable… again, thank you for your help!

  1. 1-Are you in a committed relationship? single? married? living together?
  2. 2-Are you a swinger? currently? previously? thinking about it?
  3. 3-If you are an active swinging, how long have you been swinging? Less than 1 year? 1-2 years? 3-5 years? 5+ years?
  4. 4-How do you contact other couples/singles for swinging activities? where do you meet? approx how often do you go out?
  5. 5-Do you enjoy meeting 1 couple at a time or a full-out party experience?
  6. 6-Tell me about your best swinging experience?
  7. 7-Tell me about your worst swinging experience?
  8. 8-What is your sexual fantasy?
  9. 9-What tips do you have for a couple/single just fantasizing about or talking about getting into swinging?
  10. 10-Do you have any questions you’d like answers to?

For Club Owners/Party Hosts.. a few more questions…

  1. 1-Do you have any special ideas, tips, etc. for new couples or for getting your couples to mix and mingle?
  2. 2-Do you believe swinging is more popular/less popular that 10 years ago?
  3. 3-What age range of couples are you seeing
  4. 4-What changes have you seen in swinging in the last 5 years? 10 years?
  5. 5-Anything else you want to ask?
  6. 6-*Club Owners… I’d like to start a calendar of events for couples around the country.. .. may I contact you for your upcoming activity schedule or be put on your mailing list?

Kisses…. Honey

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